Lost in Jungles

Newspaper article title: A Young Woman, 26, Disappears for 60 years in African Forest. Investigation should be updated, volunteers wanted!

You are young journalists who are given only one hour to investigate into such a long disappearance: a 26 year old young lady stayed in wild jungles with no company and no communication with the world for 60 years. Locked in jungles, you will experience only a part of the life-long adventure that Jane Gooall had signed for. The biggest animals, the most venomous snakes and spiders, the sounds of the wildest creatures and colourful puzzles will fill your trip and take you out of jungles. To leave the jungles safely, you will have to solve the enigmas given by nature and Jane.  To solve the puzzles, you will need to use all your senses, to be aware of potential dangers and even to apply all your survival skills. To make it more successful to investigate, count one minute as a year, this way you will spend in jungle as much time as Jane. Be aware of chimpanzees! Good luck!