Like corn in the digestive tract

Thanks to the technology of the XXII century, you end up in a nano-ship in the digestive system of your friend. You have an hour to get the lost chip and find your way out from the mazes and traps of human body. Good luck

Human Body Research Institute, year 2102. In the super-modern laboratory, you have just created the prototype of Genetic Chip that will allow to heal diseases and genetic mutations by affecting the DNA structure. It is microscopic, not much larger than a crumb.

You solemnly put it on the plate and go take the container specially designed for it. You leave it literally for a second. You come back to the office and you see a friend eating up the cake from this plate! Unbelievable!
– “What did you do with the chip!?”
– “What chip?”
You take her plate immediately, but the chip is not there anymore, it must have stuck to a piece of cake and is probably already in her digestive system. Soon the gastric juices will damage it. Of course, you only had this one prototype (very unwise) and if you lose it, your many years of work will be lost! You can’t let that happen. Fortunately, you have the size-reducer and the inorganic-craft and you already have used it during other projects, you are an expert.

It’s time for the inorganic ship Aorto 11 to explore the digestive system of your friend. The poor girl, torn by remorse, agrees instantly. You can shrink for a maximum of an hour, after which you will spontaneously return to your natural size, which would be unfortunate if you are still inside. Your mission is:

  • Enter the body through the mouth,
  • Go into the digestive system,
  • Find and get the chip,
  • Get back out.

Good luck.