You will try to unlock the most fascinating and interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci: his works and life and then, you will use all your inspiration to create a design for a café with the name “Leonardo” Fast ideas are great ideas!

Walking on sightseeing tour in Florence, listening to guided tour you learn about Florence and its inhabitants of past and present. Being artists, you are paying attention to everything about paintings, sculptures and great masters. Tired, you decide to stop for a coffee in a tiny dull café named Leonardo.

“Which one?” you ask a young waitress.


“Leonardo. Is it da Vinci or DiCaprio?”

She smiles you back. “As you want, I don’t care!”

It is a strange place in stunning Florence, with plain painted light brown colour walls, plain wood and old blinds outside. What a perfect place, you think.

“Miss, who does this café belong to?”

“My father and me”

“Listen, we are artists from far away and we are so excited to be here, in the place where young Leonardo da Vinci lived and studied. What if we use your walls to make this place more Leonardo?”

“Go ahead, but hurry up, I know that Art doesn’t tolerate any rush, but I am closing in an hour”

“Give us 70 minutes, miss!”