Krišjana Barona Cabinet

The treasure and Latvian nation’s pride – the collection of Dainas-the first written one stanza songs is the unique part of Latvian identity and culture. It is stolen and there is a risk to lose it forever

Criminal chemists attempt to destroy Latvian pride-Krišjāna Barona Cabinet. You, the young and promising chemists will have to decode the locks on the drawers from Krišjānis Barons cabinet of Dainas, which were stolen and hidden in a closet. The drawers contain the pieces of UNESCO object, among which according to the criminals there is a hidden formula of ancient ingredient for a happiness and joy recipe, which can be turned into legal high’s product. You have to hurry up, as the drawers contain also chemicals which are going to destroy their content very soon.

To protect the data and hide their crime, the criminal chemists left a chemical liquid that will pour out and destroy the content of each drawer, in case it is hacked.

Luckily, the custom police discovered the strange locked closet with the locked drawers. The lock on the closet contains chemical formulas. The police addressed you, the promising young chemists to assist in opening the closet and the drawers to protect the hidden content.

While transporting the closet, something broke inside, and a horrible smell appeared. You have very little time to decode the secret closet as within one hour the texts on paper slips might fade away into history, burying the treasure with it forever.

Be careful as chemistry doesn’t forgive mistakes and good luck!