Jane’s Chimps

You are going to spend 60 min in a company of Jane’s chimps. Learn the information by Jane Goodall about these beautiful animals and perform the tasks about jungles and chimps.

You are biologists and you went on a trip to jungles to spend some time with Jane Goodall’s chimps and to learn about their habitat, habits, social life and diseases. Jane invited you to her hut in jungles but when you arrived no one was waiting for you…except for a dozen of chimps. They didn’t expect you in Jane’s home so they are not really friendly to you. They seem to guard the property. They let you in but they want you to stay till Jane comes back…As biologists you know very well that playing with wild animals in their territory may be not wise at all. What if Jane forgot about your arrival and left the jungles for her conference or meeting? Your driver and guide told you he will be driving here around one hour just to make sure everything is OK nd then will leave. So, you have 60 minutes to escape from Jane’s jungle hut to catch your only transport and go back to the local airport. To escape, you will have to use some of the Jane’s books and information but you don’t see those anywhere. Instead, you found some shredded paper with the instructions on how to behave with chimps in jungles. A lot of strips are missing. But there are some locked boxes, which you have to open and time ticks away….