Hypatia’s puzzle 

You are thrilled to learn that the philosopher, astronomer, inventor and mathematician Hypatia at 4rd - 5th century A.D. has saved some manuscripts from the great Alexandrian Library. She kept them secured for so many centuries, but they are in danger again from anti-science extremists. To find the manuscripts and save them you have to solve the Hypatia’s puzzles before the arrival of the extremists. Will you achieve the mission to save the secret of Hypatia in an hour?    

 Hypatia is believed to be the first acknowledged woman scientist. She was very famous in Alexandria and had the power to influence the crowd but also many powerful men were asking her advice for several subjects. The Alexandrian Library has suffered a lot of lootings during Hypatia’s time already. She managed to save some manuscripts before the Library was destroyed. She knew that there were some anti-science extremists that considered the Library as threat to their God, so she hid the manuscripts she could and created a scientific code to protect them even more. Unfortunately, in today’s time, there are still some extremists. An extremist group was informed that Hypatia, who was seen a symbol of paganism, rescued a treasure of knowledge and hid it behind puzzles and clues. You could delay their arrival at the place where you think they are hidden for only an hour. Will you manage to solve the code and the enigmas of Hypatia and rescue the treasure of knowledge before the arrival of the extremists? You should be informed that Hypatia studies quadratic equations, parabola, system of equations etc.