Great grandpa’s diary 

Will you manage to decode the diary of your great grandfather and find in the great grandparents’ house the secret treasure? You must hurry because you only have an hour before the new owners tear down the house.

Your grandmother has kept her father’s diary for many years. She had read it several times, but she could never find the inner meaning of the texts. She gave it to you just hours before, in one condition: not to tell anyone about it. She is sure that her father had kept a well-hidden treasure. He was a scientist with great love in mathematics. He always loved to play chess and to solve puzzles. You peruse it and you begin to find clues. You think the treasure is hidden somewhere inside the house. However, the house was just sold, and the new owners want to tear it down. You convinced your parents to bring you to your great grandparents’ house before the new owners tear it down and the treasure is lost for ever.