Galileo is missing!

Galileo Galilei has been abducted and imprisoned by the Catholic Church. Help the investigation team to free him before it’s too late!

The Catholic Church has illegally imprisoned Galileo on the grounds that his heliocentric teachings are too controversial and after several warnings to not teach or write in support of the Copernican system. These supposedly ‘heretic’ acts were looked down upon by the Church and they found it appropriate to keep him locked until further evidence could support his theories. You have been assigned as a special team, part of the legal counsel of Galileo, to help promote his theories of heliocentrism, as well as his contributions to astronomy through an exploratory process of searching for key information that will make his case stronger. Can you collect this information on time, before the start of his official trial by the Roman Catholic Inquisition? You have 50 minutes to help free Galileo and prove his worth to the Catholic Church! Can you make it?