Für Elise 

You are a police officer’s assistants, and you have an hour to search and find the Beethoven’s manuscript music sheet of ‘’Für Elise’’. Will you achieve at this mission and save your police officer’s job and yours while also give the part of Beethoven’s legacy that was stolen so many years ago back to humanity? 

You are a police officer’s assistants who believes that the official manuscript of the world known composition ‘’Für Elise’’ is not lost but stolen. Unfortunately, it is not the first time you were convinced of something and ended up being wrong, having wasted the rest of the police officers’ funds and time. The police officer managed to issue a warrant on one condition: To find the manuscript in an hour or else the team will be suspended. A raid for another case occurs so the police officer is obliged to re-enforce his colleagues. You have to search the house alone. The manuscript is indeed in that house. Will you be fast enough to find the clues that will lead you to the manuscript? The clues could be enigmas with the notes time values for a code number for example. The thief is a musician, so he knows enough of mathematics and music. You must look for that kind of clues. This is a historical case for humanity as ‘’Für Elise’’ is Beethoven’s legacy and really important also for you to keep your jobs and the police officer to prove he was right.