Free the sharks!

The illegal capture of a rare species of sharks has sparked a campaign for marine conservation and a rescue team to find them. Can you save the sharks?

Someone has illegally captured a rare species of sharks from a protected area and Eugene Clark, a famous marine conservationist, needs your help. She has asked your team to learn as much as possible regarding marine conservation in time to find the clues needed to free the sharks. The clues left by the perpetrators are spread around the information office next to the preservation site. Make sure you search well and think fast to solve all puzzles and identify the location of the sharks as well as the perpetrator’s identity to ensure proper punishment is applied for this illegal action. You have 50 minutes to get this information, or else it will be too late to locate them as it will give the perpetrator enough time to get away and illegal trade the rare species. Eugene counts on you, can you make it on time?