Fatal factory

You broke into the petrol industry CEO's office. You have reasonable suspicions that you will find evidence here that the conditions under which people work in the factory are harmful (or even deadly) to them. Your stolen pass will give you a 30-minute entrance and exit access. Make the best of this time.

1925. You work in a newly established leaded gasoline factory. Thanks to your work, transport is developing, and thousands of vehicles are in motion. You like your job but since opening the factory, strange things started to happen. Some of your co-workers literally started freaking out, hallucinating, jumping out of the window, or getting paranoid. You have a hunch that this mass hysteria has something to do with the gasoline you produce. Although the media, scientists and politicians declare that the petrol is completely safe, you decide with a group of colleagues to conduct your own investigation.

Part 1.

You get (or rather steal) an ID that gives you a half-hour pass to the office. Under the cover of night, you break into the CEO’s office. Time to find evidence that this gasoline is not so harmless.

Part 2.

You open the safe and unexpectedly the alarm goes off. The room closes automatically, your pass does not work anymore, you are trapped. The police will arrive within 15 minutes. They will arrest you, and worse, probably confiscate and destroy the evidence you just obtained. Get out of the office, you’ve got 15 minutes.