Fatal exam with Professor Einstein

You are trapped in the university lab when suddenly a fire breaks out at the University. You need to get out of there as soon as possible and save your life and the life of the physics professor - Albert Einstein.

1910 – you are students at the University of Geneva, today you have an exam with the eccentric professor Albert Einstein. The professor decided to change the form of the exam, and instead of the classic test, he locked you in with the other students in a laboratory and hid the key somewhere (a series of tasks and puzzles lead to the key). If you manage to get out – the exam is passed.

Sounds ingenious, but of course something goes wrong. A fire breaks out at the university! The poor professor has passed out and you are in this underground trap. Nobody knows you’re there, so don’t count on help. You need to get away as soon as possible – now it’s not just a fight for a good physics grade anymore. It is a fight for your (and the professor’s) life. The flames will reach the laboratory in a maximum of half an hour. You need to resolve all the enigmas the professor left you in order to get out in time.