Evolution in the Science Museum

The Science Museum needs a strong team to help them acquire funding for the next 10 years. Solve biology puzzles to get the secret code and help them out!

The Science Museum has been trying to acquire funding for the next 10 years in order to advance their exhibitions and projects in their areas of expertise. The International Science Committee who grants this funding holds a secret code that is only given to the museums which are deemed worthy and have a specific specialization on the theory of evolution and natural selection, as they are big supporters of the work of Charles Darwin. You need to team up to solve specific biology puzzles that will lead you to the code. Be careful, some are tricky and the code is challenging to get. Help the Science Museum acquire this code, or else they will not be able to sustain their exhibits and artefacts much longer, nor will they be able to conduct thorough scientific research in their respective fields. The clock is ticking, the deadline to receive the code is just 50 minutes away! Can you help the museum get the funding that they need on time?