Escape Bunker

Escape Bunker is an environmental Escape Room to break out from, a very strange place, which is our planet Earth, our home in 2080, when the planet temperature has risen for 3 degrees. If not open in 60 minutes, the bunker will close forever! Your mission is not only to escape, but also tell the others about consequences in our future if we don’t care enough.

Have you ever dreamt to be as clever as Einstein? Or Leonardo Da Vinci? Or Nobel Prize winners in Science? How does it feel to be a genius? How is it to live a life of an extraordinary person? Aina Muceniece, a worldwide recognised chemist from Riga, Latvia, the inventor of powerful treatment of cancer and the leader of chemical research laboratory lived her life very modestly. Her motto was: live in such a way that wouldn’t make you ashamed to look yourself in the eyes. Born in last century, she was the one who promoted Zero Waste living without knowing the name of it. She loved nature and was very close to it. Being a scientist, her priority was to be a human first of all as nothing will matter when there is no clean air and water.

You have entered an Escape Bunker created in the Virotherapy Centre named by Ana’s name. The Bunker is set in 2080, when fresh air and water are scarce, viruses are just flourish and new diseases appear daily. While in the Bunker, you can clearly see what were the reasons to all these consequences. To escape from the Bunker, you will need a key, which you get after solving the puzzles and riddles, which will also help you analyse your living in 2021 and find a solution. But if you don’t get out the place in 60 minutes, you may stay in 2080 forever!