Dr. Helix is in danger

The evil Dr. Genetics has abducted Dr. Helix and you need to help Rosalind Franklin find him!

Whilst working in his lab, Dr. Helix heard a strange sound coming from the hallway. Before he knew it, a masked figure forcibly escorted him out of the laboratory and has since not shown any signs of life. The lab cameras recorded this footage and noticed that the abductor, on his way out, hid a note inside a lab container. The note contains the initials of the infamous biologist, Dr. Genetics or otherwise known as Richard Genetics. Rosalind Franklin, a close partner to Dr. Helix, has requested the recruitment of the strongest biology team possible to help find clues as to where Dr. Genetics has taken Dr. Helix and understand why. Since Dr. Genetics wanted us to know it was he who abducted Dr. Helix, it is believed that he has hidden clues inside the room that lead us to him. Use Rosalind Franklin’s expertise on DNA structures and functions to help you decode this mystery! But hurry up, Dr. Genetics is known for his impatience and he will not wait too long before his next impulsive action! You have 50 minutes.