Don’t let any spores escape!

Burglars have broken into Helen Beatrix Potter's house to steal the manuscript of the sequel to the adventures of Peter Rabbit. However, they are found dead in her office. Analysis revealed that they died from air contaminated by a fungus. Search the room and the author's work to solve this investigation.

What a strange case you get on your desk this morning! Last night, burglars broke into the house of the famous British author, Helen Beatrix Potter, to steal the manuscript of her next book, the sequel to the famous Benjamin Bunny.

Unfortunately for them, the two criminals mistook her office for her laboratory. In addition to her talent for writing, Helen Beatrix Potter is a renowned naturalist with a passion for mycology.

Analyses have revealed that the burglars died from air contaminated by a fungus… But how, why and, above all, which one?

You have 45 minutes to immerse yourself in the author’s research and discover what could have happened in the laboratory that led to the death of the two thieves.