DNA and Noah’s Arc

Welcome on board of a modern Noah’s Ark filled with DNA of all animals on the planet. In 60 min you have to construct the Arc, to find animals’ DNA hidden in the room, to unlock very useful tips and clues on such a fundamental task.

We all know or at least heard a story about Noah’s Ark. We never know how much time it took Noah to build the Ark, to load his Ark with all the animals, food and other stuff. Scientists estimated that there, on the Ark, could have been approximately 70,000 animals. So, it was a rather big Arc to build, maintain and navigate. And lots of time consumed as well.

Will you try to build something like this? You don’t have much time as Noah had as It is a competition. You will be given 60 min to build the Ark, to fill it with…animals DNA, which you should find in the room everywhere, to understand, which are missing or which ones you don’t take with you along, if you decide so. Share the roles in your team. You might need an engineer, a biologist, a mathematician, a historian, and workers as well. You will find different clues, tips and hints, which are hidden and locked sometimes. Don’t stress and rush, teamwork is the key to success. You may ask for ten more minutes to check everything. Good luck!