Destination: Black Hole

Due to a navigation error, your spaceship will be launched into a black hole in one hour. Save yourself and your crew and get out of it before that happens - the only possible way out is through a series of challenges designed as fail-safes.

The year is 2300, Earth Evacuation. You are in a space craft with a team of astronauts – scientists at ESA (the European Space Agency). In an hour, you will set off together to a new planet. Everything is ready, you have some time left for some last-minute small-talk and relaxing before the big departure. In sixty minutes, the capsule will go into hibernation, and you will begin your long journey from the European Astronaut Center in Cologne (Germany) to a new galaxy.

Suddenly, an alarm turns on. It turns out that the operating system has been attacked by cyber criminals, you lost contact with the base, the capsule changed the coordinates of the destination, and you will fly straight into the black hole. No panic! Well, it is true that hackers have closed all emergency exits, BUT there is one left that is on a different network. This secret exit is the most complicated, the multi-stage one, which requires solving several tasks to open. Go ahead, solve the puzzles and find out where the key to opening the capsule is. Get out of it before it is launched towards the black hole.