Delivery to Versailles

You are driving (with a Steam vehicle) an important shipment to Versailles. Suddenly the engine broke down. Your task is to find/get the elements and repair the engine. Hurry up, the consignment cannot wait.

Today, at Versailles (April 22, 1769), a great wedding is organised for Guillaume du Barry and Jeanne Bécu. You are responsible for delivering the wine – 2,000 litres. Fortunately, you are friends with the inventor-engineer Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, who invented a Steam Vehicle capable of carrying a load of 4 tons. You borrow it.

The wine is loaded, let’s go. Unexpectedly, during the journey, the engine broke down, and the vehicle stopped, in the middle of a dancing and cheerful Street Circus. If you do not move on within 45 minutes (this miracle machine reaches a speed of 4 km / h), you will not be able to deliver wine for the Versailles celebration. Luckily, an instruction manual has been attached – all damaged parts are generally available in sight, and you just need to replace them. The problem is that the circus performers do not necessarily understand the seriousness of the situation, they are not moved by the fact that you may be guillotined tomorrow. As a joke, they hide the items you need. To get any piece, you have (to their joy) to solve the puzzle or complete a task. You have no other choice but to do it in order to get these parts. Hurry up, the wedding is about to begin.