Defiance with the killer

Will you be able to win the defiance with a serial killer obsessed with geometry and find out, together with a famous detective, where he is going to commit the next murder?

When the art professor told you that you would have a lesson with an art critic you would never have imagined to be in front of Philo Vance *: in addition to being a critic, an aesthete, a fencer and polo player, he is an amateur investigator, tired of the methods used by the Police, which he considers ridiculous! For him, the crime is a work of art that can only be understood by evaluating the “artist” who made it. For this reason, he loves to study the psychology of criminals ! He apologizes but that morning his mind is very much in turmoil ! A new murder was committed, attributed to the serial killer known as ‘the surveyor’. His style is unmistakable, as he seems obsessed with geometries! Apologizing for the bluntness, he asks you if you would be willing to help him, instead of doing the traditional lesson that was scheduled ! He thus reconstructs the scene   of the crime committed in the night. Everything suggests a painting by Escher : puzzle, shapes, tessellations, geometric transformations, areas, geometries, repeated pattern designs The killer has announced a new murder: he left clues to challenge the Police to understand the exact place where it will be committed ! There is only an hour left to find out! If you are able to overcome the defiance with the murderer, you can save a human life!