Deadly Basil

The royal family was inadvertently poisoned with a mysterious basil. You have an hour to find and compose all the ingredients needed to make an antidote.

The Royal Family in Belgium hired you – a talented team of botanists – to plan and design the Royal Botanic Gardens in Brussels to be world-famous, ecological, and self-sufficient. As a reward for your success, you even received your own exclusive piece of gardens to conduct experiments (or plant your own tomatoes).

Some weeks ago, you’ve started to work on a unique new variety of basil that can grow almost without being watered. So far, it has one disadvantage – after eating it, people fall asleep, and after an hour (without the antidote) – they die. Unfortunately, the royal chef was not informed of this and tore off a few leaves, thinking this was regular basil, to flavour the sumptuous royal dinner. All participants immediately fell asleep, and the news about that immediately circulated among the staff. You already know that this is caused by your Basil. Fortunately, the boss of your team knows the composition of the antidote. But where is he? Well, of course … he was also at supper, and is thus now asleep as well. So, you have no other choice than to find an antidote based on his notes and save the lives of the participants of the “basil dinner”.