Dangerous jaws

A mad scientist wants to use Eugenie Clark's discoveries to create a compound that make wicked sharks! Madness! You are locked in the aquarium and have 1 hour to get out and prevent this from happening!

What a woman Eugenie Clark! What courage! And beautiful insights! You are in a wonderful aquarium, in the room dedicated to sharks, and your guide explains that Eugenie’s studies have taught us a lot about  them and have allowed us to free them from their total bad reputation! You are so passionate about the story about the scientist that you remained the last group inside the aquarium. The closing time has passed for quite some time. You approach the exit of the room, but the door is closed! Try to call someone but… No answer. And the phones don’t work in there! Suddenly, you start to hear strange noises. Bring your ear closer to the door and hear people talking! It takes little to understand that they are stealing the “Sole of Moses” to extract the natural repellent that it is able to release, as Eugenie’s studies have shown.  Among them is a scientist who wants to create an exact opposite chemical compound, capable of changing the behavior of sharks and making them even more aggressive! Madness! If you don’t stop him within 1 hour, he will have its compound! You have to find a way out of the room, block the mad scientist and call the police!