Conquering Atlantis

On board the Nautilus, you are under the command of Commander Nemo. You find the famous buried city of Atlantis. The commander sends you on a mission to find a piece of orichalcum, the legendary metal.

You receive your new mission as a sailor. You are sent on a quest to find orichalcum, the legendary metal alloy.

Recent research has provided new information on where it was possible to collect this metal. Indeed, it was by reading ancient texts, notably Plato’s Critias, that the philosopher described it as a metal commonly used by the Atlanteans, inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis.

Captain Nemo is contacted to take you aboard the Nautilus for this most complex mission. After reaching the mythical island sunk by Zeus, you must search the place for a piece of alloy.

Beware, you only have one hour to explore the area as once the time is up, you won’t have enough air left in your dive tank.