Beneficial Brain-Washing

You and your family ended up (as a result of some terrible mistake) in a terrifying psychiatric hospital. Another dose of drugs and electroshock starts in an hour, get out of here.

1956, London. You are members of the influential and wealthy family. You and your whole family woke up in a strange place that looks like a terrifying torture chamber. You don’t remember how you got here or what happened. The last thing you remember is that you came to the clinic for therapy with famous psychotherapist Anna Freud, for the “group-family-therapy” to improve your relationships, build bonds and improve your quality of life.

You look at yourself: it looks like (except for the shock) you are all right, and all you want right now is to go home. A nurse enters the room and says that in an hour you will have another dose of drugs and electroconvulsive shocks.

  • “Excuse me, what!? We did not agree to anything, we demand be released from here immediately! We will file a complaint against doctor Freud.”

The nurse answers:

  • “You are not under doctor Freud’s care anymore . You have qualified for a different therapy called Beneficial brain-washing. It is sponsored by the CIA – you are in good hands. Please relax.”

Then she comes out and locks you. You’re not going to spend one more minute here, it’s time to get out before the next stage of the experiment begins. There’s definitely a way out of this madness…