Behind seven locks

Kidnappers want to steal RIGVIR (Rigas Virus), a cancer treatment medicine samples for some reasons and kidnapped lab workers who try to find a way to escape and save the samples.

RIGVIR, a safe human intestine virus that is capable of destroying human tumours was discovered and researched by Professor Aina Muceniece, then it was recognised worldwide as a treatment for cancer when other therapy does not work or not allowed. Latvian Centre of Virotherapy was founded by Latvian scientists, oncologists and immunologist to treat the patients who almost lost the last hope. The problem with RIGVIR is that it is too expensive and should be protected.

You are the interns, who just came to the laboratory few days ago. In the morning you receive the message from the lab director: “We are kidnapped, the kidnappers want the samples of RIGVIR. Don’t call the police but save the original samples. They are in the safe behind seven locks, the keys to each are hidden in our workers’ personal safes. When you enter the lab you have 60 min, then the samples if not taken out will be automatically destroyed. You will need your chemistry knowledge to solve the puzzles and to open 7 different boxes to get 7 keys for the safe. Take the samples with you and hopefully we will get in touch as soon as we are free. We know what to do next, but save the samples!”