Beautiful numbers

An Escape chest with some other little boxes and … mathematic puzzles and enigmas full of secrets of the beautiful young woman-mathematician, Ada Lovelace.

Walking around different stalls at a flea market, you found a modest, not really attractive chest and were ready to go further when you noticed a strange lock on it. What is inside, you ask the seller. I don’t know, we couldn’t open it, and then suddenly added: so 50 dollars for the unknown content, a deal? A deal, but if I don’t open it, will you take it back? Not willingly, unless you keep it less than an hour! A deal, answer you and start to fight with your inner You for being such a spendthrift: 50 dollars for an old little wooden chest!

The chest was painted ugly brown paint but on the shabby corners you could see some traces of silver. You started to scratch the paint with a plastic card and soon, the ugly black was all off. Instead, the shiny silver chest was all in its beauty in front of you. But still, it doesn’t cost 50 bucks… and it is locked with an antic brass combination lock with 4 letters. What could they be, you wonder… Then you give a very thorough look to the chest. It looks like a tiny ornament imprinted as a trim. You take out your spy glass, a very trusted friend of yours. Eureka, it is not an ornament, it a cursive text: “Is thy face like thy mother’s my fair child! ADA! sole daughter of my house and heart?” and signed Lord Byron. It is definitely not that old as it should be if belongs to Byron, but maybe an old replica of something…so you’d better hurry up, open it, and then you can have your 50 dollars back!