Audience with Zeus

Your people are dying because of a mysterious reason. You are out of options, your only recourse left is to ask the help of the gods. You have just crossed the gates of Olympus to meet Zeus and ask for a mercy for your people. However, you must prove that you are worthy of this divine meeting. Look at the hourglass, you don’t have a lot of time to prove your worth, He won't be waiting for you forever.

Greece, 220 BC. Your land – Attica has been pleagued by a mysterious ailment for several weeks – people are dying in your village and you don’t know why or how to stop it. Neither the prayers of the priests, the offerings, nor the sacrifices are helpful. This ailment requires divine intervention. How can you save your people?

After a democratic vote, the City’s Highest Council decides that a human must be sent to the Olympus to ask for help from the Gods. A small group of chosen ones will be sent as representatives, you are the chosen ones. After all, who would be a better candidate than an Olympian Champion? Let’s send all of the champions to Olympus just in case. They will ask for God’s Grace on behalf of all your people. The village will send a mixed group. Not only men, but also their wives, as their agility and cleverness can be of useful in the immeasurable trials of the Gods.

You are here a group of Olympic Champions. After climbing Mount Olympus, your task is to ask for an audience with God Zeus. No mortal has ever had such an honour, and it is not easy at all. There are a number of tasks ahead of you before you prove your worth to face Zeus Himself. After crossing the threshold of the Olympics, you see an hourglass in which golden sand has just started to pour. That’s all the time Zeus will be waiting for you for, after this time your chance will be lost forever. The people of Attica are counting on you, let the suffering of the Greeks end, their lives are in your hands.