Art Nouveau

Mysterious, the most ornamental and the closest to nature architecture style attract not only by its beauty but also by its enigmas. Solve some enigmas by Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi, solve the enigma of Art Nouveau!

Dear international researchers of UNESCO European sites.

Welcome to the unforgettable trip to Art Nouveau or as French call it – Belle Epoque, one of the most fascinating periods in the European history. There was nearly no other period during which so many artists and scientists were contemporaries. Arts and sciences developed with an incomparable speed and intensity! You will come across as many beautiful and functional things as you can imagine, you will solve the enigma, will meet a boy on the roof and will get to know the capital of Art Nouveau architecture – Riga. This 60 min adventure ahead is full of shapes, lines and scents. Communication is the key. Keep your eyes, minds and hearts open, Carpe Diem!