A woman teacher

Emmy Noether is about to give her first lecture but envious people refuse to let her into the room because she is a woman. They challenge her to solve a number of puzzles in less than 45 minutes.

It’s the big day! Emmy Noether is about to give her first lecture in front of an audience of students. The young woman has struggled for several years to get her knowledge, talent and wit recognised by former teachers. Now she is finally going to put them to good use by giving a lecture to students. And that’s no mean feat for a woman, especially in these times!

Unfortunately for Emmy, not everyone feels the same way! And a group of envious young men refused to allow her access to the room. They block the access with several puzzles.

Emmy Noether has 45 minutes to unlock the puzzles, and if she succeeds, she can finally teach. But there are many puzzles and she needs you to help her!