A bad blow!

An excursion to the Red Sea to learn about sharks and Eugenie Clark's studies aboard a submarine can turn into a very dangerous experience ... if the captain falls and loses his memory!

To deepen Eugenie Clark’s studies on the behavior of sharks, a dive aboard a submarine was organized, right where Eugenie was conducting her research. Really exciting ! Too bad, however, that the captain of the submarine falls to the ground slipping awkwardly, beats his head and loses … memory ! He does not even remember who he is, let alone if he is able to drive a submarine ! The only way to save yourself is to find the password that allows you to activate autopilot! But you don’t have much time, because the fuel will only last an hour and then you will get stuck in the abyss … surrounded by sharks ! There is no time to lose ! The only element that helps you is an enigmatic message displayed on the dashboard of the submarine, which seems to lead in turn to another enigma … And so on!