Magic square

Create a magic square that gives access to a clue. A magic square of order N is composed of strictly positive integers, written in the form of a square array. These numbers are arranged so that their sums in each row, in each column and on each main diagonal are equal.
Does it require an electronic device? No

In this example, we will use the free website which allows you to generate magic squares, but it is possible to use other websites that offer the same manipulation.

  • Click on the link to access the magic square generator.
  • In “Dimension”, you can choose the size of your magic square.
  • In “First number” you can choose the number from which your magic square starts.
  • In “Increment”, you can determine the increase of the value (of a variable) at each execution.
  • Your magic square is updated directly as you make your choices. The magic square constant is also displayed above the geometric shape.
  • Once you have determined your choices, you can either copy it or make a screen print of the page and then print it.

Find it here