Catherine Ikam

Born in 1945, Catherine Ikam is a French artist and researcher. She works at the intersection of sciences and arts, the problem of identity being her primary area of interest. She is among the pioneers in the field of digital technologies involved in artistic expression.

Since 1980 Catherine Ikam has been working predominantly on the themes of identity and appearance, the living and the artificial, the Human and the model. She is one of the pioneering Européan artists in the field of new technologies. (Some of the most renowned art museums worldwide hosting her digital installation.)  She has been a Research Fellow at the Massachusett’s Institute of Technology. She was awarded the Arcimboldo prize for digital art. She was the guest artist at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada) and taught at the French Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Le Fresnoy), where she produced “Digital Diaries”. The artificial intelligence character Oscar turned to be her most representative piece of art.